Our Apprenticeship programme  is designed to prepare people for ecovillage life with an intent to teach some transferable skills.  On site time can be 30 days or more. Some fees are involved.

Volunteers are especially important for projects and seasonal aspects of the farm. Often, more hands make light work. Planting, harvesting, garden maintenance, food preservation, building, etc., are tasks that happen every year. People come from all over the world for typically 7-14 days to experience life in rural Canada. Work/trade is the rule. For more information contact us: info@kakwaecovillage.com


“I like spending time at Kakwa because fundamentally the ecovillage model is a solution to many of the worlds problems. Decentralization coupled with an integration into the local biome is a practical, grass roots path to a more sensible life, on many levels. Aside from my ideological lens on the situation the raw natural beauty and ecological purity of the Kakwa land-base is surreal – that in itself is an intrinsic motivating factor that keeps me coming back.”  Jerell Friesen, Edmonton, AB    2017
“…we just had 10 days in Dome Creek it was such a great experience for both of us. We
learned a lot about living on a farm, living with nature and all kind of animals. We learned to appreciate silence and how to enjoy living without everything we grew up with. I am grateful for all the experiences and unique memories: We will probably not get the opportunity again to catch stubborn alpacas all day long. And we do not think we will look outside for a giant friendly dog at night for him to escort us to the toilet ever again. If we call the train company here in Germany and tell them to please stop for us in the middle of a forest they would ether way laugh or get really angry. And even little thinks like eating salat and berries right after picking them, baking pie and trying new recipes (we still love yeast sauce) just felt more exciting there. All in all, it is a great place to learn new things and you can help building an eco village, what is an amazing opportunity. I will always remember the time I spent there!” Inken Hertzsch, Germany 2016