Membership get acquainted lunch on the 4 th Sunday of each month. Reservations are requested. Longer visits are possible with advance agreements.

Steps to membership:


-pay 6 months supporters fee of $60.  See Store link.

-visit anytime

-can live in the community if rental accommodations are available

-meals are provided by work exchange/cash

-attend community meetings in an observer role, without participating in discussion

-sign Vision, Common Ground, and Land Ethic agreements

-provided a membership application


-lives in the community for 6 months to 1 year

During that time:

-must attend 2 committee meetings per month; has no right to block decisions

-commits to get to know everyone


At the end of the 6 months to 1 year:

-submits membership application

-the membership has 30 days to object; if no objections, accepted

-purchases cooperative membership shares of $4000

-signs a contract agreeing to a site lease fee and land purchase contribution buy in agreement at time of  membership acceptance. *Financial information is revealed upon a site visit.

-if rejected for membership the membership share fees are returned; if accepted and then the applicant refuses membership, 1/3 of the fee is non-refundable

Local economy

Every member agrees to participate and support the organic farming economy of the community. Whether employed on or off site every member agrees to volunteer 150 hours/year or more towards the organic farm economy.

Community values

Every member agrees to the statements of Common Ground, Decision Making, Land Ethic, and Spiritual Path.


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