Why are you in such a hurry…to be discontent? Our discussion Group after the “Within Reach” movie in PG with additional musings

Feb. 25, 2014

There are two polarities within the population of most cities. There are those that have to be there because of job, families, and other obligations. Then there are those who want to live more sustainable lives but aren’t aware of the alternatives. And within most people there is the unknowable question: Is what I’m doing right & best for me now? The reason it is unknowable is because it requires deep self reflection. But you have to be willing to go there…:)

There are a few intentional communities/ecovillages where everything is established. Maybe they have been there for 20 years or more. There are not many and you have to like the culture and people that reside there to really fit in. Maybe you don’t? The alternative is visiting a place like Kakwa and be part of the growth and creation where you can create a place and friends that nurture you. It can happen over a series of weekends, months or years…

City life can be fairly frenetic as a result of our loneliness for connection, and the sterility of the urban environment.  We even spend time with people who maybe aren’t aligned with our values just for the company. We have countless activities, television, computers, cell phones, alcohol, etc.,  just to take our minds off of our often deep alienation.  In a community immersed in Nature most of our needs are met. We have the luxury of time…

One of the realities of rural life is planning… advanced planning for most things. In our case how would you plan to survive from 1 growing season to the next? If you arrived in the Spring could you self-support to September when most of the crops planted in the Spring are ready to sell or eat? That would mean you have planned and committed to be here for a growing season , at least in part. Or you are self-employed, employed in an offsite contract with regular time off, or retired.

There are always opportunities to connect by visiting, becoming a “supporting member”, getting involved in gardening, a produce CSA, or a livestock CSA, producing a workshop that showcases your skills/knowledge, etc. Sometimes these are good transition plans as we all get to know each other. And it gives you a chance to fall in love with the land, once more…

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