Swimming pools, movie stars…

July 14, 2014

It’s been +30C for a few days…Ecovillage living requires a huge amount of adaptability. There’s the potential for excitement, challenges and adversity in rising to the occasion in any number of typical scenarios involving: weather, bugs, animals (human, domestic & wild), etc. 🙂 For urban folks (many of our visitors) there is a noticeable pause. Most do not or have not had the experience of outside work in all weather. Being without the stimulation of the digital world and in the “woods” can be lonely & terrifying. Not really…but the human mind is a powerful tool that shapes how we react to our environment. The experience of self-entertainment or group interaction as the only choices is a step back to an earlier time and can be personally jolting.

What it seems to come to is, who is that person I have to be with (myself)? Do I know them? Do I want to know them? Can I maintain integrity with other people and still be myself? If there is no inner knowledge and peace within then relationships with others can also be unsettling.

Going with the flow today put me in the garden at 2pm, weed whacking at +30C. Took my time. Enjoyed  2 handfuls of  fresh strawberries and the occasional breeze. Not as cool as the Common House ( which took a day to cool down once someone in a state of unawareness turned the heat on!) 😀 But the reward was jumping in the icy Fraser River twice  and letting my whole body feel the peace of the day. Standing naked to the breeze drying me, watching the river sparkle in the afternoon sun, while I experienced the calm of cold water stimulating the relaxation of my body. Good to be here! 😀

For those curious/concerned about why we have long “engagements” for membership here is a quote from “Creating a Life Together” by Diana Christian: “…extended guest visits or provisional memberships of 6 months to a year or more, so the group and the prospective member can continue to get to know each other. Most long-lived communities have discovered that this length of time is important. Sometime it takes a year to find out what someone is really like, or more importantly, what they’re like under stress, and whether it seems they’ll be able to live happily with your community agreements.”

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