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A birthing ecovillage has different and more demanding needs than an established community. Since there are no rules they have to be created and lived. There is always plenty of work and yet without outside marketable skills or independent sources of income from its members the community becomes financially challenged to create jobs. This takes time.

The possibilities are enormous for organic agriculture and livestock production. The demand exceeds the supply. Ecotourism has barely been touched. The wildlife is  prolific: moose, caribou, elk, bears, bighorn sheep, mt. goats, etc. The scenery is spectacular and breathtaking within the Rocky Mountain Trench that extends for 1000 miles. Passenger train service will stop on the property to pick up passengers and we’re 90 minutes from a major regional airport. The city of Prince George with it’s growing university population and influence opens up many possibilities for a wide variety of alternative educational programs and workshops.

If you’re looking to find a new community and willing to contribute to its foundation we welcome you. It may be easier for those that have other sources of income to join. However, if you and/or your family are willing to make a long term commitment there may be a home here for you.

Address: PO Box 640 McBride, BC   Canada VOJ2EO

Email: info@kakwaecovillage.com


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